Friday, 12 March 2010

Feeding Solids and the Health Advisors!

Its Friday, hooray! I would usually be excited with the anticipation of sharing the burden that is my lovely little daughter 'Felicity', with my Husband, 'Daddy'. But I have been naughty this week, and the Health Advisors down at the Weighing Clinic are going to give me a dressing down, or at least they will If am honest with them.

You see, Felicity is 4 months and 2 weeks old, and I have been told unconditionally that solids are not to be introduced until she is at least 6 months old. It all started last Wednesday night when she decided to wake up twice during the night and demand food at 5am. Usually she would go to bed at 10.30am and sleep through until 6.30am (I am told this is called a 'Dream Feed' scenario by NCT group mothers). I decided on Thursday to let her try some of my mashed potato, and she loved it; she lean't forward with her mouth open begging for more to go in. This has lead to a chain of events whereby each time I have had something suitable for Felicity to try, I have let her have a taste. Then last night I gave her a couple of tablespoons of baby porridge in addition to her usual bottle, it was more than a taster and I think this would be classed as 'weaning'. The experts say that giving babies solids early won't help the baby sleep through the night, but she did! Ok so it could have been a fluke, lets see what happens tonight when I try it again.

Now the big question is, do I, or do I not tell the Health Advisor on Monday morning? I am not sure I could lie to her face and lets be honest, its probably not a good idea as the whole reason for going is to check on Felicity's health, lying about it is not going to be proactive. But I am dreading it, I feel like a naughty school girl who has been told she has to see the headmaster in his office on Monday morning and has to spend the weekend worrying about it.

Its going to be a guilt ridden weekend full of panic attacks, anxiety and two good nights sleep.

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