Monday, 15 March 2010

It worked, it really did!

Amazing, I have fed Felicity some baby poridge before going to bed, with her bottle every night since my last post and it has made her sleep through the night. Ok so I appreciate that every baby is different, but it has proved the advice I was given wrong. She loves it as well, I get a smile for every mouthful.

Now I haven't been to the health visitors today yet, but I am going to make my way there after this post and I will let you know how much of a telling off I get.

On a totally different subject, I have started being snobby about what clothes Felicity wears. I am not a clothes person myself and never thought I would be bothered about her clothes unless they were not suitable for the purpose i.e keeping her warm. However, since being bought lots of nice baby clothes, I am keen to get some use out of them. Pink, my most hated colour has featured quiet heavily, this is mainly due to the shops presuming that baby girls wear pink all the time and therefore that is what they must sell, however some of my favourite clothes of hers are not pink, or at least they only have pink trims. For example: today she has on a turquise blue cordroy dress with red and pink flowers on it.

So to see if anyone really reads these blogs, or more to the point, my new blog I thought I would roll out the question to all you parents out there. Let me know what your favourite outfit is for your baby and let see how many really conform to the sereotype (girl = pink, boy = blue). Maybe I should start an anti sereotype protest to the big retailers to get them to supply some more adventurous baby clothes ranges.

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