Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New House, New Baby!

So I though no one was interested in my ramblings, but months after giving up it seems a few people have started following me......and so heres the update!

Our little two up two down was getting far too small for a growing 1yr old and so we decided to move. We ended up moving away from my home town and nearer my Husbands work, kind of made sense and mean't we could afford a much bigger house for the same price as our previous little one. I heard the saying 'New House, New Baby' bounded around me more than a few times and just laughted it off. But here we are, 1 month after our big move and a new baby has just been diagnosed. I suppose I should be happy, I think I am, but it is lonely moving to a new area with a just 14mth old for company during the day. I am therefore searching the net trying to find new groups for us to join so that both me and Felicity can start socializing again. I will keep you posted on how this goes, so far I have found a toddler group at a Church which being an athiest makes me more than a bit nervous and a music group which costs far too much money to join.

In the meantime my little one has found a new way of making friends whilst we are out and about town; she shouts 'HELLO' everytime someones mobile phone goes off in public!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Nappy Mothers Day

Two posts in one day! Not sure if this is allowed but anyhow here goes. Its was my first Mothers Day on Sunday, but to be honest celebrating things other than birthday and christmas to me just seems like an excuse for the retailers to fleece us of some of our hard earned cash. No I didn't get a limp vase of flowers or a huge box of over rated chocolates. What I did get was a very sweet card from my Husband which said "thank you for changing my dirty bum and thank you for feeding me at all hours", it was then signed very unconvincingly by my daughter. Other than that it was a usual Sunday, round the parents to talk rubbish and listen to them cooing over Felicty and giving my Mum flowers and a card, something which is certainly expected by her generation. The rest of the day was spent feeding, changing nappies, bathing, mopping up dribbles and sick and doing some housework.

Oh and by the way, my telling off by the Health Visitor was not as bad as I thought it would be. I explained my decission to start Felicity on solids and she was very sympathetic, least to say she was anxious for me to slow it down and keep Felicity on the milk for as long as possible.

Heres to more good nights kip!

It worked, it really did!

Amazing, I have fed Felicity some baby poridge before going to bed, with her bottle every night since my last post and it has made her sleep through the night. Ok so I appreciate that every baby is different, but it has proved the advice I was given wrong. She loves it as well, I get a smile for every mouthful.

Now I haven't been to the health visitors today yet, but I am going to make my way there after this post and I will let you know how much of a telling off I get.

On a totally different subject, I have started being snobby about what clothes Felicity wears. I am not a clothes person myself and never thought I would be bothered about her clothes unless they were not suitable for the purpose i.e keeping her warm. However, since being bought lots of nice baby clothes, I am keen to get some use out of them. Pink, my most hated colour has featured quiet heavily, this is mainly due to the shops presuming that baby girls wear pink all the time and therefore that is what they must sell, however some of my favourite clothes of hers are not pink, or at least they only have pink trims. For example: today she has on a turquise blue cordroy dress with red and pink flowers on it.

So to see if anyone really reads these blogs, or more to the point, my new blog I thought I would roll out the question to all you parents out there. Let me know what your favourite outfit is for your baby and let see how many really conform to the sereotype (girl = pink, boy = blue). Maybe I should start an anti sereotype protest to the big retailers to get them to supply some more adventurous baby clothes ranges.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Feeding Solids and the Health Advisors!

Its Friday, hooray! I would usually be excited with the anticipation of sharing the burden that is my lovely little daughter 'Felicity', with my Husband, 'Daddy'. But I have been naughty this week, and the Health Advisors down at the Weighing Clinic are going to give me a dressing down, or at least they will If am honest with them.

You see, Felicity is 4 months and 2 weeks old, and I have been told unconditionally that solids are not to be introduced until she is at least 6 months old. It all started last Wednesday night when she decided to wake up twice during the night and demand food at 5am. Usually she would go to bed at 10.30am and sleep through until 6.30am (I am told this is called a 'Dream Feed' scenario by NCT group mothers). I decided on Thursday to let her try some of my mashed potato, and she loved it; she lean't forward with her mouth open begging for more to go in. This has lead to a chain of events whereby each time I have had something suitable for Felicity to try, I have let her have a taste. Then last night I gave her a couple of tablespoons of baby porridge in addition to her usual bottle, it was more than a taster and I think this would be classed as 'weaning'. The experts say that giving babies solids early won't help the baby sleep through the night, but she did! Ok so it could have been a fluke, lets see what happens tonight when I try it again.

Now the big question is, do I, or do I not tell the Health Advisor on Monday morning? I am not sure I could lie to her face and lets be honest, its probably not a good idea as the whole reason for going is to check on Felicity's health, lying about it is not going to be proactive. But I am dreading it, I feel like a naughty school girl who has been told she has to see the headmaster in his office on Monday morning and has to spend the weekend worrying about it.

Its going to be a guilt ridden weekend full of panic attacks, anxiety and two good nights sleep.