Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New House, New Baby!

So I though no one was interested in my ramblings, but months after giving up it seems a few people have started following me......and so heres the update!

Our little two up two down was getting far too small for a growing 1yr old and so we decided to move. We ended up moving away from my home town and nearer my Husbands work, kind of made sense and mean't we could afford a much bigger house for the same price as our previous little one. I heard the saying 'New House, New Baby' bounded around me more than a few times and just laughted it off. But here we are, 1 month after our big move and a new baby has just been diagnosed. I suppose I should be happy, I think I am, but it is lonely moving to a new area with a just 14mth old for company during the day. I am therefore searching the net trying to find new groups for us to join so that both me and Felicity can start socializing again. I will keep you posted on how this goes, so far I have found a toddler group at a Church which being an athiest makes me more than a bit nervous and a music group which costs far too much money to join.

In the meantime my little one has found a new way of making friends whilst we are out and about town; she shouts 'HELLO' everytime someones mobile phone goes off in public!