Monday, 15 March 2010

Nappy Mothers Day

Two posts in one day! Not sure if this is allowed but anyhow here goes. Its was my first Mothers Day on Sunday, but to be honest celebrating things other than birthday and christmas to me just seems like an excuse for the retailers to fleece us of some of our hard earned cash. No I didn't get a limp vase of flowers or a huge box of over rated chocolates. What I did get was a very sweet card from my Husband which said "thank you for changing my dirty bum and thank you for feeding me at all hours", it was then signed very unconvincingly by my daughter. Other than that it was a usual Sunday, round the parents to talk rubbish and listen to them cooing over Felicty and giving my Mum flowers and a card, something which is certainly expected by her generation. The rest of the day was spent feeding, changing nappies, bathing, mopping up dribbles and sick and doing some housework.

Oh and by the way, my telling off by the Health Visitor was not as bad as I thought it would be. I explained my decission to start Felicity on solids and she was very sympathetic, least to say she was anxious for me to slow it down and keep Felicity on the milk for as long as possible.

Heres to more good nights kip!

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